Biblioteca Mario Rostoni


The Library

Biblioteca M. Rostoni

Corso Matteotti, 22
21053 Castellanza (VA)
tel. 0331-572.282
fax 0331-572.238
Lunedì-Venerdì: 8,30-18
Sabato: 9-13

Tel. +39-0331-572.282
fax 0331-572.238
Direttore: Piero Cavaleri
Orario: Monday - Friday 8,30-20, Saturday 9-13

The goals of Mario Rostoni Library of Università Carlo Cattaneo is collecting and organising documents about the disciplines that object of study and research at the University.
The Library has 350 seats placed in five rooms.
The collection is directly available by the users, or better it is placed on shelves: in this way they can take freely the books that are ordered according to the Dewey Decimal Classification.
Besides the traditional paper materials(books, journals, yearly reports..), which nowadays consists of thousands of monographs and more than 700 journals titles, the Library provides to its users audio and video materials and many databases on Cd-rom or on-line.
The users are invited to ask help to Library Staff for every exigency about the Library services, for bibliographic reference, proposing documents acquisitions and anything they need about information and documents.

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Access policy

To access to the Library and its services, a membership card is required.
The following categories can access freeely:

  • Faculty members, university personnel, students
  • Citizens of Castellanza

Faculty members, staff, students from partner univesity libraries can access the Library services paying 15 "una tantum". Other free accesses have to be authorized by the Library Direction.
Full fee-paying visitors can choose among these options:

  • Personal subscription with the opportunity to access to reference services and loan: 35 €
  • Subscription for all the services, including the consultation of databases: 100 €

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Reference service

Reference service is available for faculty members, students, staff.

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Borrowing rules

Library users have usually a loan period of 30 days, with a maximum of ten books.
Visitors freely admitted have a loan for fifteen days and with a maximum of five books.
These kinds of materials are to be used within the Library only:

  • Journals
  • Dictionaries, encyclopaedies e reference works (bibliographies, catalogues, directories, etc.)
  • Microfiches
  • Software
  • Theses (photocopies not allowed)
  • Books printed before 1950
  • A copy of courses' texts

Overdue fine is 5 € for every month (or part of month above 7 days).
After the third recall the user can't borrow any books.
Users will be charged the cost of replacement materials when the items are lost or cannot be repaired.

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Interlibrary loans

The Library offers the ILL/DD service for the material which is found in other Libraries: it means that is also possibile request photocopies of articles or loan books that are not in the collection. A request for an inter-library loan should not be made until you have ensured that the item you require is not already available here.
Requests have to be done to the enquiry desk in a very correct way; after they are sent by fax or e-mail to other libraries. Answers usually arrive after two weeks. Every answer, positive or negative, is communicated by phone.
All material borrowed on Inter-Library Loan is for reference use in the Library only. Photocopies which are received are for retention by the reader.
Minimum fixed price of the service is 2,5 €.
The Library is also avaliable for interlibrary loan and document delivery for other Italian and foreign University libraries. Requests have to be submitted with e-mail or fax. The service is not avaliable for individuals.
It is free and based on mutual relationships.
The loan is for 30 days.

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Books reservation

If a book is loaned, the authorized user can reserve it on the on-line catalogue. With the reservation the user has the priority on the loaned book when this one is given back. In any case the Direction has the right to excluded the book from the loan and take it only for consulting.
Reservation service is only for faculty members, students, staff and full fee-paying visitors..
It is necessary an user ID and a password for utilise the service.
ID is the card number.
Faculty members, personnel, and external users have to use the pw recordered at the moment of their first use.
Students can use their own pw for the exams reservation.
Every user must be authorized.
Faculty members and personnel are directly authorized.

  • Every user can reserve a maximum of 5 books.
  • For every book is considered only one reservation.

Reserved documents, once coming back, are at the service of the user for 3 days, after that the reservation will be over.
A message is sent by e-mail to communicate the giving back to the address at the University mail-server ( Faculty members and personnel without any address are ivited to request it at Information service Departement, students at Centro risorse informatiche.

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Inside the Library there are some copy machines at the direct service of the users functioning with a magnetic card that costs 5 € (100 copies).
The using of copy machines is according to the law about copyright.

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Use of Laptop

The Library supplies access points for connecting laptops to the Campus network and Internet. The access points are located in Sala Gelsi

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Use of PC for students

In Sala Gelsi there are 10 PC with MS Office programs and Internet access, for browsing and e-mail.

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