Autore: Pupolizio, Ivan
Titolo: Una moneta privata globale
Periodico: Stato e mercato
Anno: 2020 - Volume: 120 - Fascicolo: 3 - Pagina iniziale: 423 - Pagina finale: 457

The official launch of the Libra project in 2019, and the subsequent troubles experienced by the project, stimulated a vigorous debate, from different perspectives, on the pros and cons of a private currency with global ambitions. This paper describes the main characteristics of Libra and locates it in a partial but clear taxonomy of the increasingly crowded field of so-called «digital currencies». In the light of the regulatory problems that will arise, this paper also aims to assess the impact of this project on a crucial feature of the economic system that helped shape the institutional structure of modernity: the power to create money.

SICI: 0392-9701(2020)120:3<423:UMPG>2.0.ZU;2-K
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