Autore: Raimondi, Fabio
Titolo: Marx, Engels e la macchina dello Stato
Periodico: Storia del pensiero politico
Anno: 2019 - Fascicolo: 1 - Pagina iniziale: 53 - Pagina finale: 70

"Staatsmaschine" and "Staatsmaschinerie" (State Machine and State Machinery) mean: a) that Marx's and Engels's aversion for the State Machine concerns the model of machine on which the State is built; a model defined by the laws of classical mechanics, and exemplified by the "Rechtsstaat" (State of law); b) that the breaking of this type of machine and its replacement by a thermodynamic machine is only the beginning of the extinction of the State and its replacement with another form of political organization; c) that this passage, glimpsed by Marx and Engels in the Paris Commune, implies the end of separation between State and civil society, and so the disappearance of both of them.

SICI: 2279-9818(2019)1<53:MEELMD>2.0.ZU;2-F
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