Autore: Pupolizio, Ivan
Titolo: Verso un nuovo politeismo? Dalla moneta immaginaria alle criptovalute
Periodico: Quaderni di diritto e politica ecclesiastica
Anno: 2022 - Fascicolo: speciale - Pagina iniziale: 35 - Pagina finale: 62

This essay offers a concise reconstruction of the evolution of money in the West. The author describes a long-term oscillation between two opposites: the secular phase of ‘monetary polytheism’ has been followed by a ‘monotheistic’ period based on the monetary sovereignty and the gold standard regime. The more recent affirmation of a purely fiduciary form of money finally seems to pave the way for a singular return of ‘monetary polytheism’, thanks also to the technical possibility of giving rise to new forms of private money, free from the public regulation and control of political authority

SICI: 1122-0392(2022)SPECIALE<35:VUNPDM>2.0.ZU;2-S
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