Autore: Pupolizio, Ivan
Titolo: Coase, Hayek e la 'grande dicotomia' tra diritto pubblico e diritto privato
Periodico: Ars interpretandi
Anno: 2013 - Volume: 2 - Fascicolo: 2 - Pagina iniziale: 185 - Pagina finale: 204

In this paper, a comparison between two dichotomies is carried out: the hierarchy/market dichotomy, proposed by Coase, and the taxis/cosmos one, proposed by Hayek.Although made for different purposes, and at different levels of abstraction, those twowell-known economic «ideal types» clearly share a common ground (§§ 1-2). Thelatter is then paralleled with one of the «great dichotomies» of legal thinking, accordingto Bobbio, that is, public/private law. The Hayekian dichotomy proves here to beconsistent with a legal tradition that splits the legal universe into two quite separatehalves (§ 3). Finally, the ubiquitous integration of «orders» and «organizations» istraced back to the Roman private law, and to the Greek polis, in order to reveal someimplicit assumptions on which these economic and legal models rest (§ 4).

SICI: 1722-8352(2013)2:2<185:CHEL'D>2.0.ZU;2-J
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