Global mountain regions

: conversations toward the future / edited by Ann Kingsolver and Sasikumar Balansundaram. - Bloomington : Indiana U.P., c2018. - xi, 380 p. ; 23 cm. - (Framing the global book studies). - ISBN 978-0-253-03686-5.

No matter where they are lcated in the world, communities living in mountain regions have shared experiences defined in large part by contradictions. These communities often face social and economic marginalization despite providing the lumber, coal, minerals, tea, and tobacco that have fueled the growth of nations for centuries. They are perceived as remote and socially inferior backwaters on one hand while simultaneously seen as culturally rich and spiritually sacred spaces on the other. These contradictions become even more fraught as environmental changes and political strains place added pressure on these mountain communities. Shifting national borders and changes to watersheds, forests, and natural resources play an increasingly important role as nations respond to the needs of a global economy.

The works in this volume consider multiple nations, languages, generations, and religions in their exploration of upland communities' responses to the unique challenges and opportunities they share. From paintings to digital mapping, environmental studies to poetry, land reclamation efforts to song lyrics, the collection provides a truly interdisciplinary and global study. The editors and authors other a cross-cultural exploration of the many strategies that mountain communities are employing to face the concerns of the future.



“Hard Times” Si Kahn
1. Introduction: Listening to Voices across Global Mountain Regions - Ann Kingsolver and Sasikumar Balasundaram3
“Mother Jones' Farewell (I Was There)” Si Kahn
2. After Coal, through Film: Welsh and Appalachian Mining Communities - Tom Hansell and Patricia Beaver27
“Wigan Pier” Si Kahn
3. Mountains, Coal, and Life in British Columbia and West Virginia - Paul S. Ciccantell45
4. Black Diamonds - Crystal Good59
5. Historicizing Poverty and Marginalization in the Southern Mountain Regions of Malawi - Tony Milanzi63
“Momma Was a Union Woman” Si Kahn
6. Voices for Community Rights in Amazonia - Monica Chují75
“Blue Ridge Mountain Refugee” Si Kahn
7. Indigenous Social Movements in Mountain Regions - Carmen Martínez Novo, Shannon Elizabeth Bell, Subhadra Mitra Channa, Annapurna Devi Pandey, and Luis Alberto Tuaza Castro83
“People Like You” Si Kahn
8. Rebuilding Mountain Communities after Natural and Human-Made Disasters - Jude L. Fernando, Lina Maria Calandra, Stephanie McSpirit, Pam Oldfield Meade, Jeremy Paden, and Shaunna L. Scott121
“The Border Line” Si Kahn
9. Moving Heaven and Earth behind Mountains: Everyday Life for Displaced Migrants on the Haitian Side of the Haitian-Dominican Border - Daniel Joseph151
“Black Gold” Si Kahn
10. Environment, Health, and Justice: Tracing the Connections in Global Mountain Regions - Mary K.Anglin, Gregory Button, and Dolores Molina-Rosales163
“When the Morning Breaks” Si Kahn
11. Circulating News in Rural China and Appalachia - Al Cross and You You179
12. Thinking about the Future: Global Mountain Students and Educational Choices - Jane Jensen, Marco Pitzalis, Mir Afzal Tajik, and Alan J. DeYoung193
13. Jirga: Everyday Peace-Building in Rural Mountain Communities of Pakistan - Sajjad Ahmad Jan209
14. Mapping and Measuring Digital Divides in Mountain Regions: Global and Local Knowledge and Silences - Stanley D. Brunn and Maria Paradiso215
“My Old Times” Si Kahn
15. Artifacts of Home: Tie Landscape Speaks - Saakshi Joshi237
16. Resonating with the Trees: Tracking Musical Instrument Tonewood between Appalachian and Carpathian Forest Environments - Jasper Waugh-Quasebarth245
“Traveler” Si Kahn
17. Appalachian and Carpathian Exchanges: Two Essays - Jessica Murray and Iryna Galuschchak253
18. Appalachian and Columbian Connections through Cerulean Warbler Migration: A Student Pen-Pal Project - Regina Donour259
19. Experience and Expertise: Confronting Climate Change in the Andes - Lisa B. Markowitz265
20. Sustainable Livelihoods in Extreme Lands - Dipak R. Pant273
“Aragon Mill” Si Kahn
21. Comparing Rural Livelihood Transitions in the Catalan and Sardinian Regions of Europe and the Appalachian Region of the United States - Domenica Farinella, Ann Kingsolver, Ismael Vaccaro, and Oriol Beltran285
“Wild Rose of the Mountain” Si Kahn
22. Honey Corridors in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and Appalachian Coal Production Areas - Tammy Horn Potter and Kunal Sharma297
“The Gap ($8,825 an Hour)” Si Kahn
23. Agricultural Sovereignty and Arabica Coffee Production in Ethiopia - Aklilu Reda315
“'The Flume” Si Kahn
24. Creating Sustainable Post-extraction Livelihoods in the Central Appalachian Coalfields - Nathan Hall331
“Gone, Gonna Rise Again” Si Kahn
25. Reforestation Can Contribute to a Regenerative Economy in Global Mining Regions - Christopher D. Barton, Kenton Sena, and Patrick N. Angel343
“We're Still Here” Si Kahn
26. Palestinian Responsible Tourism for Cross-Cultural Understanding - Asma Jaber and Michel Awad355
“A Time for Us All” Si Kahn
27. Conclusion: Conversations toward the Future in Global Mountain Regions - Felix Bivens, Sasikumar Balasundaram, and Ann Kingsolver365