Entrepreneurship by design

: business design tools for strategy and innovation : [workbook] / written by: Mario A. Varon and Fernando G. Alberti. - Cambridge, MA : Strategique, c2019. - ‍113 p. : ill. ; 19 x 22 cm. - ISBN 978-1-79771-027-3.

Entrepreneurship by design is not only a rich set of tools to design your future business, it is also a framework that will help you make analyses, brainstorming and fine-tuning on it, The book applies a business design approach to facilitate who are planning either to launch their next startup or a new business inside a corporate setting.

Entrepreneurship by design offers a practical hands-on experience, building on the thorough academic research of its authors and their practice of new business workshops facilitation throughout Europe, US, Latin America and Asia.



Entrepreneurial Mindset
My Breakthrough Idea13
Life Map15
Skills Map17
Personal Mission Statement19
Connection Map21
Customer Development
Social Media Behavior25
Observation Log27
Customer Profile29
Business Customer Profile31
Jobs to be Done33
Industry Research
Industry Snapshot37
Trend Radar39
Trend Analysis41
Competitive Intelligence43
Competitive Scope45
Value Proposition
Elements of Value49
Critical Success Factors51
Value Proposition Concept53
Value Proposition Design55
Experience Journey57
Market Validation
Validation Test Plan61
User Test Storyboard63
Rapid Prototyping Guide65
Business Model
Culture Moodboard69
Business DNA71
Business Model73
Organizational Structure75
Key Business Processes77
Resources and Competences79
Competitive Advantage81
Business Model Alignment83
Market Size85
Marketing Plan87
Go to Market Strategy89
Brand Identity
Brand Personality93
Name Generation95
Visual Elements97
Financial Model
Ballpark Figure105
Business Storytelling
Storytelling Blueprint109
Elevator Pitch111
Business Pitch113