Handbook of anthropology in business

/ Rita Denny, Patricia Sunderland editors. - Walnut Creek : Left Coast, c2014. - 837 p. ; 24 cm. - ISBN 978-1-61132-171-5.

The first major reference work on this field, the Handbook of Anthropology in Business is a creative production of more than 60 authors working in universities and corporate settings. Offering broad coverage of theory and practice around the world, chapters demonstrate the vibrant tensions and innovation that emerge in intersections between anthropology and business and between corporate worlds and the lives of individual scholar-practitioners.



Introduction Patricia Sunderland& Rita Denny13
SECTION I: Dynamics of Tension, Forces of Change33
Introduction - Patricia Sunderland & Rita Denny35
1 De-Anthropologizing Ethnography: A Historical Perspective on the Commodification of Ethnography as a Business Service - Marietta L. Baba43
2 Theorizing Business & Anthropology - Brian Moeran69
3 Decentering the Origin Story of Anthropology & Business: The British Experience Since 1950 - Simon Roberts83
4 Professional Anthropology & Training In France - Dominique Desjeux100
5 Living in Business Schools, Writing Consumer Culture - Eric J.Arnould & Craig J. Thompson116
6 Methodological Rebellion: Overcoming the Quantitative-Qualitative Divide - Neal H. Patel135
SECTION II: Boundaries Breached and Blurred157
Introduction - Patricia Sunderland & Rita Denny159
7 Making Markets Emerge: Enumeration, “Development,” & Technology Markets - Dawn Nafus167
8 Design Ethnography, Public Policy, & Public Services: Rendering Collective Issues Doable & at Human Scale - Lucy Kimbell186
9 The Anthropologist as IT Troubleshooter on Wall Street - Patricia Ensworth202
10 Management Consulting in Times of Austerity: Sustainability & the Business-Place-Community Nexus In Italy - Dipak R. Pant223
11 Opportunity & Challenge in the Health Care Industry: Anthropological Inroads in France - Sophie Alami234
12 Anthropology in a Design, Engineering, & Commerce Curriculum - Lisa DiCarlo, Heather McGowan, & Sarah Rottenberg247
13 The Anthropology of Business & Administration in Japan - John L. McCreery & Keiko Yamaki266
14 Work Practice Studies as Anthropology - Melissa Cefkin284
SECTION III: Plying the Trade299
Introduction - Rita Denny & Patricia Sunderland301
15 The Good Anthropologist: Questioning Ethics in the Workplace - Kathi R.Kitner309
16 The Sustaining Impact of Anthropology in Business: The "Shelf Life" of Data - Martha Cotton321
17 Notes from the Periphery: Ethnography & Business in the Czech Republic - Kateřina Ailová, Jaroslav CIr, & Kateřina Sv. Gillàrovà336
18 Training the Next Generation: Business Anthropology at the University of North Texas - Susan Squires, Christina Wasson, & Ann Jordan346
19 Configuring Family, Kinship, & Natural Cosmology: Branding Pet Food - Maryann McCabe362
20 Ethnography Guiding Brand Strategy: Rum & Real Blokes - Nick Agafonoff, Jullen Coyla, & Belinda Heath379
21 The Life of a Cult Object Before, During, & After an Ethnographic Study: The HP uc Financial Calculator - Bernard Cova396
22 Able to FIy:Temporality, Visibility, & The Disabled Airline Passenger - Kenneth C. Erickson412
23 Mediating Business Process Models with an Anthropological Voice: Double-Level Languages in the Norwegian Oil Industry - Vidar Hepse429
24 Decoding Culture: Cultural Insight & Semiotics in Britain - Cato Hunt & Sam Barton447
25 Hook to Plate Social Entrepreneurship: An Ethnographic Approach to Driving Sustainable Change in the Global Fishing industry - Jay Hasbrouck & Charley Scull463
SECTION IV: The Energy of Memes487
Introduction - Rita Denny & Patricia Sunderland489
26 A Crisis of Representation? Anthropology In the Popular Business Media - Sarah J. S. Wilner497
27 How “the User” Frames What Designers See: What Cultural Analysis Does to Change The Frame - Megan Neese521
28 Recognizing Agile - Natalie Hanson540
29 Business Anthropology in China - Tian Guang556
30 In Pursuit of Strategy: Anthropologists in Advertising - Robert J. Morais571
31 Nationalism, Identity, & Consumption - Sakari Tamminen, Otto Utti, & Johannes Suikkanen588
32 Rethinking Russian History & Identity Through Consumer Culture - Lyubava Shatokhina603
33 Brand Fortitude In Moments of Consumption - Nina Diamond, Mary Ann McGrath, John F. Sherry, Jr., Robert V. Kozinets, Albert M. Muñiz, Jr., & Stefania Borghini619
34 Live Fleidnoting: Creating More Open Ethnography - Tricia Wang638
35 Ethnography in Digital Spaces: Ethnography of Virtual Worlds, Netnography, & Digital Ethnography - Alessandro Caliandro658
SECTION V: Muses for Engagement681
Introduction - Rita Denny & Patricia Sunderland683
36 From Strategy to Equipped Serendipity: Lessons from Ezio, the Black Angel of Florence - Franck Cochoy689
37 An Anthropology of the Senses: Tracing the Future of Sensory Marketing in Brand Rituals - Timothy de Waal Malefyt704
38 Doing Anthropology, Doing Business - Charles N. Darrah & Alicia Dornadic722
39 Glimpses from the Blogosphere - Sarah Teitler737
40 Between the Idea & the Reality Falls the Shadow: A True, Semifactual Tale of Professional Despair - Martin Høyem753
41 Seduction in the Field: Meditations on Building Rapport through the Ethnographic Camera Lens Bruno Moynlé763
42 Applied Netnography: An Appropriate Appropriation? - Robert V. Kozinets775
43 Applied Cultural Analysis: Ethnography as Compositional Practice - Tom O'Dell & Robert Willim787
About the Contributors825