The right to safe food towards a global governance

/ Angela Lupone, Carola Ricci, Andrea Santini (editors). - Torino : Giappichelli, c2013. - xvi, 511 p. ; 24 cm. - (Diritto internazionale dell'economia ; 15). - ISBN 978-88-348-7286-4.



List of abbreviated periodicalsXI
Part I - Public international law aspects
Chapter One - The Universal Declaration: a dual dimension approach to human rights - Fausto Pocar3
Chapter Two - International law as a meta-framework for the protection of the right to food - Carola Ricci9
Chapter Three - Fostering the right to health in the international context - Alberto Oddenino33
Chapter Four - The right to safe food and the protection of motherhood and childhood - Cecilia Zorzoli49
Chapter Five - The right to safe drinking water for consumption and preparation of foodstuffs - Aldo Piccorie69
Chapter Six - Right to food versus food quality and safety in plant variety protection regimes - Laurent Manderieux93
Part II - International trade impact
Chapter Seven - Balancing basic human needs and free trade in the WTO - Angela Lupone103
Chapter Eight - International law requirements for food safety and developing countries. The case of Vietnam - Claudio Dordi113
Chapter Nine - The agricultural geography approach to food safety in the Minas Gerais State in Brazil - Teresa Isenburg131
Chapter Ten - Geographical indications as a tool against transnational food frauds - Anna Giulia Micara149
Chapter Eleven - Enhancing recognition of national sanitary measures in the framework of WTO and Codex with a focus on China and the EU - Marco Barassi179
Chapter Twelve - Private voluntary standards in the transnational agri-food supply chain: soft law challenge to hard law models - Giorgio Dissegna203
Part III - Institutional and substantive EU law perspectives
Chapter Thirteen - The EU multilevel food safety system in the context of the principle of con ferral - Jacques Ziller, Guido Sala-Chiri229
Chapter Fourteen - European food law ten years after Regulation (EC) No 778/2002 - Andrea Santini251
Chapter Fifteen - Regulating food innovation and technology in the European Union - Francesco Argese259
Chapter Sixteen - Misleading labelling and advertising of foodstuffs - Monica Spatti285
Chapter Seventeen - Information to consumers and operators' responsibility in food business - Vito Rubino303
Chapter Eighteen - Controversial aspects of the Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation - Mariangela La Manna313
Chapter Nineteen - The EU system of protection of agricultural products and foodstuffs quality - Maria Chiara Cattaneo329
Chapter Twenty - Quality matters: why a reformed Common Agricultural Policy should focus on food quality - Carlo Fino347
Part IV - Private international law questions in B2B and B2C relations
Chapter Twenty-One - Transnational litigation on infringement of designations of origin and geographical indications protected under Regulation (EU) No 1151/2012 - Federica Falconi363
Chapter Twenty-Two - Consumer protection against unfair practices in cross-border food trade - Gaetano Vitellino411
Chapter Twenty-Three - Product liability for unsafe food in private international law - Sara Bernasconi457
Chapter Twenty-Four - U.S. jurisdiction in product liability in the wake of Mcintyre: an impending dam on the stream-of-commerce doctrine? - Cristina M. Mariottini491