Property rights dynamics

: A law and economics perspectives / edited by Donatella Porrini, Giovanni Battista Ramelloi. - 228 p. ; 24 cm.


Notes on contributors vii
1. Property rights dynanfles: current issues in law and economics, Donatella Porrini, Giovanni B. Ramello 1
PART 1 - Property ríghts and law and econonfics theory: justifications and main issues 17
2. The fall and rise of functional property, Francesco Parisi 19
3. Property rights: a comparative law and economics perspective in the global era, Ugo Mattei, Andrea Pradi 40
4. Entropy and the asymmetric Coase theorem, Francesco Parisi 54
5. On incomplete property: a missing perspective in law and economics?, Antonio Nicita/i> 77
PART II - An old bottìe for new wines? The extensíons of property rights 91
6. Intellectual property and the efficient allocation of social surplus from ínnovations, Michele Boldrin, David K. Levine 93
7. The uninvited guest: patents on Wall Street, Robert P. Mergesi 116
8. Property rights in human tissue, Julia D. Mahoney, Pamela Clark 138
PART III - Shadows and lights: critical issues, conflicting cases and alternative paradigms 155
9. The ongoing copyright as an essential facility saga, Paul L. C. Torremans 157
10. The treatment of marital assets: common-law property rights and EU harmonization, Antony W. Dnes 185
11. Intellectual property rights and judge-made law: an economie analysis of the production and diffusion of precedent, Sophie Harnay, Alain Marciano 198
12. Failing property rights - the problem of sleeping owners in the city: a preliminary analysis of one aspect of the German unification treaty, Jorgen G. Backhaus 219
index 226