Cross-cultural approaches to leadership development

/ edited by C. Brooklyn Derr Sylvie Roussillon Frank Bournois. - Westport : Quorum Books ©2002. - 321 p. ; 23 cm.


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Introduction di C. Brooklyn Derr Sylvie Roussillon and Frank Bournois ix
1. Managing Leadership in the United States di C. Brooklyn Derr Jon P. Briscoe and Kathy Buckner 3
2. New Wine in Old Bottles: The Challenges of Developing di Joseph C. Bentley 28
3. Identifying and Developing Future Leaders in France di Sylvie Roussillon and Frank Bournois 51
4. Attaining Leadership Positions in France di Sylvie Roussillon 61
5. The Management of High Potential-U.K. Perspectives di Noeleen Doherty and Shaun Tyson 73
6. Highfliers in Germany di Michel Petit and Christian Scholz 86
7. Leadership Italian Style di Luciano Traquandi and Patrizia Castellucci 109
8. Grooming Leaders in the Netherlands di Daniel F. J. Vloeberghs 123
9. Selecting Leaders in Poland During the Transition Period di Czeslaw J. Szmidt 142
10. Leadership Commitment Women and the Japanese System di Mami Taniguchi 146
11. Managing Talent in China: Confucian Origins di Changiun Dai and Zhi-guang Zheng 155
12. From Revolutionaries to Political Entrepreneurs: Selecting Leaders for China's Modem State-Owned Enterprises di Xuchuan Yang 168
13. Developing Future Leaders for Vietnam's Market Economy di Nguyen Ngoc Hoang 182
14. The Role of the Army in Developing High-Potential Israeli Executives di Daniel Rouach 196
15. Preparing African Leaders di Evalde Mutabazi 202
16. Changing Organizations and Leadership Management di William S. Hesterly and C. Brooklyn Derr 227
17. Toward Strategic Management for Fast-Track Executives di Frank Bournois 244
18. Perspectives from a Clinical Psychologist di Sylvie Roussillon 261
Conclusion di C. Brooklyn Derr Sylvie Roussillon and Frank Bournois 289
Index 305
About the Contributors 317