Armenia the next economy : an inter-disciplinary future-view

/ a cura di Dipak R. Pant E. Kate Rigge. - Cassano Magnago : Crespi ©2002. - 208 p. ; 30 cm.

Armenia is special - both for its endowments and for the difficulties it faces. Armenia is quite unlikely to succeed in the global economy by adopting the conventional urbo-industrial model and quantitative growth oriented strategy because of its tiny size its geopolitical and environmental peculiarities and its vulnerability. The editors and authors of this volume believe that Armenia should instead concentrate on an imaginative and integrative business strategy that maximises the value of its given resources and human capital: by constantly raising quality standards. It seems that Armenia urgently needs a holistic economic strategy that is a constant focus on comprehensive safety and security quality and sustainability. In pure business terms: the strategic design of a distinct place-product ('safe and high quality context') and the global market positioning of such a place-brand ('Wonderful Armenia'). Here are some ideas for Armenia's future by Armenians as well as non-Armenians who love this ancient and beautiful country.


Foreword (Prof G. Rebora Rector Università Carlo Cattaneo) 9
Preface: why Armenia? (Prof Dipak Raj Pant) 11
1. The armenian habitat economy and society (Dipak R. Pant with E. Kate Rigge) 18
2. The literary diary of twelve intrepid explorers in Armenia (E. Kate Rigge) 58
3. First impressions (Umberto Butti Giuliano Gini Emanuele Rovera Guido Milan Marta Brovelli Andrea Schimmenti Elena Uboldi Philippe Concas Sara Fogato) 102
4. Social and environmental accounting: a model for Armenia (Roberto Cherchi) 136
5. Insights and foresight for a more efficient management of Armenia's human resources (E. Kate Rigge) 142
6. Armenia's historical monuments: potential values and achievements from the past to the future (Gaiané Casnati) 151
7. The energy prospect for Armenia: clean secure abundant economic and electronuclear (Zaven G. Guiragossian) 162
8. A new hydro chemical metal purification system for Armenia's copper molybdenum zinc and noble metal resources (Gagik A. Martoyan with Zaven G. Guiragossian) 171
9. A 'place brand' strategy for the republic of Armenia: 'quality of context' and 'sustainability' as competitive advantage in international business (Dipak R. Pant) 191
Postscript 208