Soft computing in measurement and information acquisition

/ edited by Leon Reznik Vladik Kreinovich con un contributo di Luca Mari. - Berlino : Springer-Verlag ©2003. - 284 p. ; 24 cm.

The series "Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing" contains publications on various areas within the so-called soft computing which include fuzzy sets rough sets neural networks evolutionary computations probabilistic and evidential reasoning multi-valued logic and related fields. The publications within "Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing" afe primarily monographs and edited volumes. They cover significant recent developments in the field both of a foundational and applicable character. An important feature of the series is its short publication time and world-wide distribution. This permits a rapid and broad dissemination of research results.


Uncertainty in Measurement: Some Thoughts about its Expressing and Processing L. Mari L. Reznik 1
Why Two Sigma? A Theoretical Justification for an Empirical Measurement Practice H.T. Nguyen V. Kreinovich G.N. Solopchenko C.W. Tao 10
Fuzzy Linguistic Scales: Definition Properties and Application A. Ryjov 23
A Fuzzy Shape Specification System to Support Design for Aesthetics B. Pham J. Zhang 39
Generating Membership Functions for a Noise Annoyance Model from Experimental Data A. Verkeyn M. De Cock D. Botteldooren E.E. Kerre 51
An Exegesis of Data Fusion D.A. Lambert 68
Possibilistic Logic: A Theoretical Framework for Multiple Source Information Fusion S. Kaci S. Benferhat D. Dubois H. Prade 76
Automated Adaptive Situation Assessment M. Rutten D.A. Lambert 90
Soft Computing Real-time Measurement and Information Processing in a Modem Brewery D. Campbell M. Lees 105
The Aggregation of Industrial Performance Information by the Choquet Fuzzy Integral L. Berrah G. Mauris L. Foulloy 121
Computing Image with an Analog Circuit Inspired by the Outer Retinal Network S. Kameda T. Yagi 136
Extending the Decision Accuracy of a Bioinformatics System A. Chong T.D. Gedeon K.W. Wong 151
On Fuzzy Controllers Having Radial Basis Transfer Functions D. Tikk L.T. Koczy TD. Gedeon 164
Evolutionary Scene Recognition and Simultaneous Position/Orientation Detection M. Minami J. Agbanhan T. Asakura 178
Evolutionary Dynamics Identification of Multi-Link Manipulators Using Runge - Kutta - Gill RBF Networks T. Nanayakkara K. Watanabe K. Kiguchi K. Izumi 208
Towards Reliable Sub-Division of Geological Areas: Interval Approach D.D. Coblentz V. Kreinovich B.S. Penn S.A. Starks 223
A Fuzzy Classifier with Pyramidal Membership Functions S. Abe 234
A Comparison of Soft Computing and Traditional Approaches for Risk Classification and Claim Cost Prediction in the Automobile Insurance Industry A.C. Yeo K.A. Smith RJ. Willis M. Brooks 249
Evolutionary Rule Generation and its Application to Credit Scoring S.E. Bedingfield K.A. Smith 262
Social Fuzziology in Action: Acquisition and Making Sense of Social Information V. Dimitrov B. Stewart 277