Autore: Pagano, Maurizio
Titolo: Le radici e la distanza. Note sul confronto con l'eredità di Heidegger
Periodico: Iride
Anno: 2016 - Volume: 78 - Fascicolo: 2 - Pagina iniziale: 361 - Pagina finale: 370

Two radical standpoints confronted each other in the debate raised by the publication of the Black Notebooks. On the one hand, those detractors who would banish Heidegger's whole thought because of his antisemitism and his bond with Nazism; on the other hand, his supporters, who are ready to forgive everything. Both standpoints are untenable. This debate can rather be the opportunity to change our way of reading Heidegger, choosing a calmer and more distant approach that should allow us to distinguish between positive and negative aspects. Heidegger's radical opposition between adherence to concrete reality and abstract thought has to be reconsidered, since the formal and universal dimension of thought arises exactly from the concrete character of experience.

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SICI: 1122-7893(2016)78:2<361:LRELDN>2.0.ZU;2-T
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